Wednesday, 15 February 2017

First Morning in Room 3!

What's it really like being in Room 3? Read Sam's and Kristy's recount of their first morning.

The First Day in Room 3 by Kristy

As I walked into the class nervously the 8:30 bell rang, nearly deafening me. The bright and colourful classroom was warm and inviting. Superhero posters were plastered all over the walls like they were watching over all the children. Bobbleheads and figurines stood in nearly every corner of the class. The strong aroma of tea filled the air. The classroom was very organised and neat as if the teacher was obsessed with being tidy. An enormous whiteboard was covered with words and I thought “why are we doing this much work. It’s only the first day.”

Mr Bainbridge was my new teacher for year 5. My teacher was tall and skinny. He was a giant compared to me. Wandering around with an enormous grin plastered on his face, Mr Bainbridge greeted all the parents and new kids. His bark brown hair pushed back on an angle. He was coated in strong smelling deodorant. Mr Bainbridge’s arms were full of colourful tattoos. “Good morning” Mr Bainbridge said in a friendly British accent. Mr Bainbridge wobbled around like Bambi on ice. I could hear him sip his steaming hot cup of tea.

I looked around the room blinking my eyes. My friend Charlotte was standing in the corner, so I ran right to her. “Charlotte, Charlotte” I called out with excitement. She was the only person I knew in class, but I did recognise Rhea from Netball. Charlotte seemed excited but nervous at the same time. Her hair was brown like milk chocolate and she wore black glasses. We went on and on about our holidays. Charlotte was showing off as usual, while I talked about my holiday sitting on the couch playing video games. All of a sudden the bell rang loudly and everyone ran towards the mat. We were all squashed together ready to start the year.

The First Day in Room 3 by Sam

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” the school bell rang like crazy it was 8:30 am and time to enter Room 3. I saw the Suicide Squad pictures surrounding the clock. The Doctor Strange poster hung from the wall like someone hanging onto a cliff for dear life. The windows stared out onto the yard. The new entrants looked like hunchbacks trying to carry they're big, bulky backpacks.

Silly me I hadn’t noticed my new teacher yet. I saw Mr Bainbridge, my new teacher for year 6. He said “good morning” in a British accent, but not a posh British accent.  He was very skinny and bony like a skeleton. He had his super cool looking tattoos showing, there were some interesting colours like pink, blue, purple, and red. The tattoos were of a girl an anchor, butterflies and flowers. Mr B was a hairy faced man with  a controlled, chocolate brown beard. On top of his furry face was his hair which sat in a wave at the top of his head.

Into the classroom next walked Mizuki. He looked very nervous and had an apprehensive expression. He was biting his nails and his wide eyes were looking around. “Hey”, he said in a little voice “are you nervous”, “pretty nervous” I said faking confidence. Suddenly the screaming 9am bell went and we all went and sat down nervously ready for year 6 to begin.

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  1. Excellent Job Kristy & Sam!
    I liked the way you describe small little things with plenty of detail.
    Ka Rawe!