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Liam's Genius Hour

Here is Liam's Genius Hour - Who is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time?


This term in art we have been working on portraits. We were inspired by the work of C.F. Goldie to create our own portraits below.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Posh Peter

Inspired by one of our favourite books "The World's Worst Children" by David Walliams Charlotte wrote about the World's worst child, Posh Peter.

Posh Peter

Posh Peter was the world’s worst child. He had a long, pointy nose that was alway stuck up in the air. His silky smooth hair was parted and gelled to the side. Posh Peter wore his top neatly tucked into his trousers and wore white knee high socks under his polished black school shoes. Posh Peter strolled around like he was royalty.
Posh Peter became jealous over anyone who tried to be posher than he was. The boy would prance around his school turning his nose up to anyone he would consider below him (which was everyone he met). Posh Peter thought he was posher than his sister, his brother, his cousins, his mother, his father, his teachers, people from down the street, his classmates, the prime minister, and even the Queen!

The day in which our story begins a new boy arrived in Posh Peter’s class. This would usually be an exciting thing for most children. But Posh Peter was quite the opposite. “Hello my name is Classy Charles” said the new boy in a rather posh tone. Posh Peter examined Charles right away. Charles had his long nose stuck up in the air, and wore his t-shirt neatly tucked in into his crisply pressed pants, he even had his dark silky brown hair swooped to the side exactly the same as Posh Peter. Instantly Posh Peter became s u s p i c i o u s. Posh Peter tried to compose himself he replied to Classy Charles “Hello I’m Posh Peter the Poshest boy in the whole school”. With that Posh Peter strutted to the other side of the room watching Charles closely.

Posh Peter knew if he wanted to remain the poshest boy in the school he would have to change his style to look even more posh. So the next day at school Posh Peter showed up in a tuxedo with a top hat, a monocle, and his shoes polished so brightly that the polish had dripped down to the bottom of his shoes. Feeling like he ruled the world Posh Peter confidently strode over next to Classy Charles. “Wow you really must be the poshest boy in the school” Classy Charles said in a charming voice. Posh Peter let out a little smirk before replying with “these are just my regular clothes“, and with that Posh Peter swiftly slid over to his first lesson. But as the day went on on disaster struck . He realised he had to clean the field. And if cleaning the field wasn’t bad enough Posh Peter had to clean it with his nemesis Classy Charles! (at Posh Peters school every student had a day where they and another person had to clean a little bit of the field because of how much rubbish and waste was on it). It was the time he’d been dreading. Hesitantly the boys made their way down. Everything was going as well as cleaning fifth from a field with the person you hate can get. Posh Peter was picking up crisp packets and when he was about to get up to walk, Classy Charles popped out his foot and Posh Pete went flying through the air into a mucky patch of murky mud. By the time Posh Peter got up all the kids in his class stuck their heads out the windows and chanted “HAHAHAHA”.  Stumbling Posh Peter tried walking forward but the mix of mud and extremely polished shoes was not a good combination. Posh Peter went skidding into a pile of putrid smelling dog poo. Now the whole school gathered around Posh Peter pointing and laughing. “Not so Posh now Peter” called out Classy Charles as Pongy Peter ran off. Posh Peter ended up feeling so embarrassed and traumatised he moved country and goes to a different school. Posh Peter is also known just as Peter and never wishes to return to his old self.

Norris the Naughty

Inspired by one of our favourite books "The World's Worst Children" by David Walliams Rayan wrote about the worst child in Halsey Drive, Norris the Naughty.

Norris the Naughty 

Norris the Naughty was the worst child in Halsey Drive School. Norris loved picking his nose and was always seen with snot on his face. Every day Norris drank a full cup of snot and ate green dried boogers by the dozen. Norris picked his nose every second of every day. He never ate and drank anything except for green dried boogers and snot. The more longer and bigger his snot and boogers were the more happier he was!

Whenever there was no booger or snot in his nose he cried so loud that people in China could hear him. He cried so much his dad put his own snot and boogers in his nose to make him happy. He liked green boogers more than other boogers because green was his favorite colour and whenever he found a green booger inside his nose, his smile turned bigger than his face.

One day when he was picking his nose his dirty finger got stuck in his nose and it wasn’t coming out even though he used his full strength, it wasn’t coming out because his boogers were stickier than glue. Norris went in the kitchen and put very hot water on his nose but all that happened was his nose turned bright red like a fresh tomato. He tried everything but nothing happened so he told his dad. His dad said “oops” because he put a lot of sticky boogers in his nose.

His dad took him to the doctor to get his finger out of his nose. The doctor said that there are lots of boogers that are super sticky and the only way he could get his finger out of his nose was to cut his nose off.  The doctor chopped his nose off and after that his dad put it in the museum of  disgusting things so everybody can see the world’s stickiest nose. Norris the naughty is in the 2017 world records book and is world famous all thanks to his disgusting habit of picking his nose.

The Worst Teacher In The World!

Inspired by one of our favourite books "The World's Worst Children" by David Walliams we collaborated on a story about the world's worst teacher!

Mister Blister the Bully by Room 3

Mister Blister was the world’s worst teacher. He had a pink bubble gum coloured face, a ratty prickly beard that was full of disgusting half chewed food and his bald head was covered in terrifying tattoos of slithering snakes and skulls. He certainly didn’t look like your average teacher.

Mister Blister hated children. Quite often he would sit on them until they went red and passed out. If any brave child dare challenge his authority he would beat them up with his bare knuckles until they were black and blue (Mr Blister used to be Britain’s Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion). When the fancy took him Mr Blister would also make the children clean the toilets with their toothbrushes and lick any food crumbs off the floor. But that wasn’t even the bad stuff.

On the day our story begins Mr Blister was in his most unpleasant mood ever. He began the day by growling “grrrrr”, shouting “SHUT UP YOU FILTHY, DISGUSTING RATBAGS!” and swearing “@#!!!?/@#” under his breath, and this was all before the first bell. During the roll children delivered their gifts to Mister Blister’s desk (Mr Blister made every child, every single day bring him some sweet treat to placate his mood - his absolute favourite was chocolate cake). Today however there was a treat missing from his desk. Mister Blister’s face turned as red as a tomato and steam came out of his ears as he scanned the room searching for the guilty party. Max was the smallest, quietest, most skittish child ever to walk through the doors of Mr Blister’s classroom and today he had forgotten his treat! Mr Blister erupted like a volcano and marched up to Max grabbing him by the collar. Mr Blister lifted the poor boy up off the ground easily and threw him at the window with all his strength (This wasn’t the first time Mr Blister had threw a child out the window but it was however the first time he had forgotten to open it first!)

“Crash” the sound of breaking glass echoed around the room. Poor Max lay crying injured on the ground, surrounded by shards of shattered glass. This was the final straw for the children of Room 3. Together in one voice they yelled “GET HIM”. One after the other the children threw themselves at Mister Blister pinning him down. The children grabbed the delicious treats off his desk and began stuffing them down Mister Blister’s throat. As he coughed and spluttered they grabbed his arms and legs and began tying him to his chair. Mister Blister was spun around until the contents of his stomach were propelled into the air and splattered the carpet and walls. The children of Room 3 then picked up Mister Blister’s chair in which he was tied and marched him out of the building. The children worked together as a team to tip Mister Blister into the skip that contained all the leftover banana peels, yoghurt lids and half eaten cheese sandwiches from the last three lunchtimes. They shut the lid and padlocked it securely. The rubbish truck came that very afternoon and collected the skip containing the terrible teacher. That was the very last sighting of Mister Blister the Bully.

The Past Is Important To Our Lives

To conclude our 'Taonga' Inquiry we agreed with the generalisation that the past is important in our lives. Read Sativa's generalisation below.

The past is important in our lives. Think back over the events of your past. From that time to today is your history, and it is important. You learned, you made mistakes, and you grew.

We need to remember the events of the past in order to not make the same mistakes in the future. During the 1981 Springbok tour there were riots caused by the New Zealand Government seeming to support the apartheid system in South Africa. In 2017 in the USA there seems to be a movement of separating people based on race. The USA should learn from the past that separating people based on race causes tension, fighting and even deaths.

The past is also important because we can learn about our ancestors and culture. It gives us a better understanding of who we are today. Even though we are kiwis or New Zealanders we discovered that lots of our traditions and customs can be traced back to Britain e.g. rugby, fish and chips and laws.

My past is important to me because it helps me identify with my culture and heritage. Being Maori makes me feel more connected to the world. It is also good to remember the past because you learn from all your  mistakes. The past can also influence who you are today, for example my past has helped me become a leader in speaking Maori in my class.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Annyong Means Hi

The Avengers after reading 'Annyong means Hi' by Sue Gibbison evaluated the claim "It is better to go to school in Auckland than in Seoul".

Many people move to New Zealand for a better education for themselves or their children. However is being educated in New Zealand better than elsewhere in the world? We are evaluating the claim that going to school in Auckland, New Zealand is better than going to school in Seoul, South Korea.

One reason why going to school in Auckland is better than in Seoul is that class sizes are smaller in Auckland. We have twenty nine students in our class. Whereas a school in Seoul has forty students in each class.  Having smaller class sizes  means better access to devices, and it is easier for the teacher to talk to everyone. If we had forty students in our class the room would be congested, it may be uncomfortably hot in the summer and it might even begin to smell because of all the bodies.

Another reason why going to school in Auckland is better than Seoul is that there are spaces to play. There isn’t much spare land in Seoul. Sometime school buildings can be four storeys high. Playgrounds are mostly made of sand and concrete and there’s no grass to play on. In Auckland we have plenty of grass, tiger turf and two playgrounds to play on. Having more space outside means we can keep fit and get some fresh air.

Some people may disagree and believe that going to school in Seoul is better because there are no sandflies. The children who came from Seoul complained about being bitten by sandflies. However this is not a strong reason why going to school in Seoul is better, if you are being bitten by sandflies you can just use some repellant.

Another reason why people may believe school is better in Seoul is that it is less distracting to work in the classroom because all the desks are in rows. This means students don’t move around the classroom or sit in groups. They won’t argue over where to sit or fight over bean bags. However in Seoul it would be difficult to collaborate, share ideas and learn from each other.

Overall we believe strongly that going to school in Auckland is better than going to school in Seoul. We have smaller class sizes, more space and are able to work together. In the future we believe more people may migrate to New Zealand from Seoul so they can be educated here because Seoul’s population will continue to grow and there will be less and less space for schools and students.

We believe our evaluation is extended abstract because we gave evidence to support our reasons. We made judgements about the reasons for and against and we made a prediction about the future.