Thursday, 6 April 2017

Norris the Naughty

Inspired by one of our favourite books "The World's Worst Children" by David Walliams Rayan wrote about the worst child in Halsey Drive, Norris the Naughty.

Norris the Naughty 

Norris the Naughty was the worst child in Halsey Drive School. Norris loved picking his nose and was always seen with snot on his face. Every day Norris drank a full cup of snot and ate green dried boogers by the dozen. Norris picked his nose every second of every day. He never ate and drank anything except for green dried boogers and snot. The more longer and bigger his snot and boogers were the more happier he was!

Whenever there was no booger or snot in his nose he cried so loud that people in China could hear him. He cried so much his dad put his own snot and boogers in his nose to make him happy. He liked green boogers more than other boogers because green was his favorite colour and whenever he found a green booger inside his nose, his smile turned bigger than his face.

One day when he was picking his nose his dirty finger got stuck in his nose and it wasn’t coming out even though he used his full strength, it wasn’t coming out because his boogers were stickier than glue. Norris went in the kitchen and put very hot water on his nose but all that happened was his nose turned bright red like a fresh tomato. He tried everything but nothing happened so he told his dad. His dad said “oops” because he put a lot of sticky boogers in his nose.

His dad took him to the doctor to get his finger out of his nose. The doctor said that there are lots of boogers that are super sticky and the only way he could get his finger out of his nose was to cut his nose off.  The doctor chopped his nose off and after that his dad put it in the museum of  disgusting things so everybody can see the world’s stickiest nose. Norris the naughty is in the 2017 world records book and is world famous all thanks to his disgusting habit of picking his nose.

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