Thursday, 6 April 2017

Posh Peter

Inspired by one of our favourite books "The World's Worst Children" by David Walliams Charlotte wrote about the World's worst child, Posh Peter.

Posh Peter

Posh Peter was the world’s worst child. He had a long, pointy nose that was alway stuck up in the air. His silky smooth hair was parted and gelled to the side. Posh Peter wore his top neatly tucked into his trousers and wore white knee high socks under his polished black school shoes. Posh Peter strolled around like he was royalty.
Posh Peter became jealous over anyone who tried to be posher than he was. The boy would prance around his school turning his nose up to anyone he would consider below him (which was everyone he met). Posh Peter thought he was posher than his sister, his brother, his cousins, his mother, his father, his teachers, people from down the street, his classmates, the prime minister, and even the Queen!

The day in which our story begins a new boy arrived in Posh Peter’s class. This would usually be an exciting thing for most children. But Posh Peter was quite the opposite. “Hello my name is Classy Charles” said the new boy in a rather posh tone. Posh Peter examined Charles right away. Charles had his long nose stuck up in the air, and wore his t-shirt neatly tucked in into his crisply pressed pants, he even had his dark silky brown hair swooped to the side exactly the same as Posh Peter. Instantly Posh Peter became s u s p i c i o u s. Posh Peter tried to compose himself he replied to Classy Charles “Hello I’m Posh Peter the Poshest boy in the whole school”. With that Posh Peter strutted to the other side of the room watching Charles closely.

Posh Peter knew if he wanted to remain the poshest boy in the school he would have to change his style to look even more posh. So the next day at school Posh Peter showed up in a tuxedo with a top hat, a monocle, and his shoes polished so brightly that the polish had dripped down to the bottom of his shoes. Feeling like he ruled the world Posh Peter confidently strode over next to Classy Charles. “Wow you really must be the poshest boy in the school” Classy Charles said in a charming voice. Posh Peter let out a little smirk before replying with “these are just my regular clothes“, and with that Posh Peter swiftly slid over to his first lesson. But as the day went on on disaster struck . He realised he had to clean the field. And if cleaning the field wasn’t bad enough Posh Peter had to clean it with his nemesis Classy Charles! (at Posh Peters school every student had a day where they and another person had to clean a little bit of the field because of how much rubbish and waste was on it). It was the time he’d been dreading. Hesitantly the boys made their way down. Everything was going as well as cleaning fifth from a field with the person you hate can get. Posh Peter was picking up crisp packets and when he was about to get up to walk, Classy Charles popped out his foot and Posh Pete went flying through the air into a mucky patch of murky mud. By the time Posh Peter got up all the kids in his class stuck their heads out the windows and chanted “HAHAHAHA”.  Stumbling Posh Peter tried walking forward but the mix of mud and extremely polished shoes was not a good combination. Posh Peter went skidding into a pile of putrid smelling dog poo. Now the whole school gathered around Posh Peter pointing and laughing. “Not so Posh now Peter” called out Classy Charles as Pongy Peter ran off. Posh Peter ended up feeling so embarrassed and traumatised he moved country and goes to a different school. Posh Peter is also known just as Peter and never wishes to return to his old self.


  1. Good Job Charlotte!
    I liked the way you used a variety of language features.
    Next time you may like to read through to make sure everything makes sense.
    Ka Rawe!

  2. Excellent job Charlotte on your description of Posh Peter. We feel like we really know all about Posh Peter and the type of character he is.
    From Room 9