Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Worst Teacher In The World!

Inspired by one of our favourite books "The World's Worst Children" by David Walliams we collaborated on a story about the world's worst teacher!

Mister Blister the Bully by Room 3

Mister Blister was the world’s worst teacher. He had a pink bubble gum coloured face, a ratty prickly beard that was full of disgusting half chewed food and his bald head was covered in terrifying tattoos of slithering snakes and skulls. He certainly didn’t look like your average teacher.

Mister Blister hated children. Quite often he would sit on them until they went red and passed out. If any brave child dare challenge his authority he would beat them up with his bare knuckles until they were black and blue (Mr Blister used to be Britain’s Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion). When the fancy took him Mr Blister would also make the children clean the toilets with their toothbrushes and lick any food crumbs off the floor. But that wasn’t even the bad stuff.

On the day our story begins Mr Blister was in his most unpleasant mood ever. He began the day by growling “grrrrr”, shouting “SHUT UP YOU FILTHY, DISGUSTING RATBAGS!” and swearing “@#!!!?/@#” under his breath, and this was all before the first bell. During the roll children delivered their gifts to Mister Blister’s desk (Mr Blister made every child, every single day bring him some sweet treat to placate his mood - his absolute favourite was chocolate cake). Today however there was a treat missing from his desk. Mister Blister’s face turned as red as a tomato and steam came out of his ears as he scanned the room searching for the guilty party. Max was the smallest, quietest, most skittish child ever to walk through the doors of Mr Blister’s classroom and today he had forgotten his treat! Mr Blister erupted like a volcano and marched up to Max grabbing him by the collar. Mr Blister lifted the poor boy up off the ground easily and threw him at the window with all his strength (This wasn’t the first time Mr Blister had threw a child out the window but it was however the first time he had forgotten to open it first!)

“Crash” the sound of breaking glass echoed around the room. Poor Max lay crying injured on the ground, surrounded by shards of shattered glass. This was the final straw for the children of Room 3. Together in one voice they yelled “GET HIM”. One after the other the children threw themselves at Mister Blister pinning him down. The children grabbed the delicious treats off his desk and began stuffing them down Mister Blister’s throat. As he coughed and spluttered they grabbed his arms and legs and began tying him to his chair. Mister Blister was spun around until the contents of his stomach were propelled into the air and splattered the carpet and walls. The children of Room 3 then picked up Mister Blister’s chair in which he was tied and marched him out of the building. The children worked together as a team to tip Mister Blister into the skip that contained all the leftover banana peels, yoghurt lids and half eaten cheese sandwiches from the last three lunchtimes. They shut the lid and padlocked it securely. The rubbish truck came that very afternoon and collected the skip containing the terrible teacher. That was the very last sighting of Mister Blister the Bully.

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