Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Annyong Means Hi

The Avengers after reading 'Annyong means Hi' by Sue Gibbison evaluated the claim "It is better to go to school in Auckland than in Seoul".

Many people move to New Zealand for a better education for themselves or their children. However is being educated in New Zealand better than elsewhere in the world? We are evaluating the claim that going to school in Auckland, New Zealand is better than going to school in Seoul, South Korea.

One reason why going to school in Auckland is better than in Seoul is that class sizes are smaller in Auckland. We have twenty nine students in our class. Whereas a school in Seoul has forty students in each class.  Having smaller class sizes  means better access to devices, and it is easier for the teacher to talk to everyone. If we had forty students in our class the room would be congested, it may be uncomfortably hot in the summer and it might even begin to smell because of all the bodies.

Another reason why going to school in Auckland is better than Seoul is that there are spaces to play. There isn’t much spare land in Seoul. Sometime school buildings can be four storeys high. Playgrounds are mostly made of sand and concrete and there’s no grass to play on. In Auckland we have plenty of grass, tiger turf and two playgrounds to play on. Having more space outside means we can keep fit and get some fresh air.

Some people may disagree and believe that going to school in Seoul is better because there are no sandflies. The children who came from Seoul complained about being bitten by sandflies. However this is not a strong reason why going to school in Seoul is better, if you are being bitten by sandflies you can just use some repellant.

Another reason why people may believe school is better in Seoul is that it is less distracting to work in the classroom because all the desks are in rows. This means students don’t move around the classroom or sit in groups. They won’t argue over where to sit or fight over bean bags. However in Seoul it would be difficult to collaborate, share ideas and learn from each other.

Overall we believe strongly that going to school in Auckland is better than going to school in Seoul. We have smaller class sizes, more space and are able to work together. In the future we believe more people may migrate to New Zealand from Seoul so they can be educated here because Seoul’s population will continue to grow and there will be less and less space for schools and students.

We believe our evaluation is extended abstract because we gave evidence to support our reasons. We made judgements about the reasons for and against and we made a prediction about the future.

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