Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Half the World Away

Inspired by the advert below we wrote narratives with a message of kindness. Check out our fabulous narratives on our individual blogs.

Half the World Away!

Staring through her telescope Ruby gazed out upon the heavens. Beyond the silhouettes of the trees sat a great luminous pearl in the vast sea of space. A glimmer of light drew Ruby’s attention, focusing her gaze more intently to the surface. Sitting in a crater sat a rather unusual sight, a dilapidated wooden cottage, with a rust tinged roof and a motionless rocking chair. From inside of the cottage ambled the man on the moon.

The man on the moon had a shock of white hair around his balding, mottled scalp. He had a wizened face with wrinkles that bore deeply into his skin. With each movement there was the creak of old bones. He had the resigned look of one who knew that at his age life has stopped giving and only took away.

On seeing the man’s anguish and solitude Ruby decided to make contact to let him know he was not alone. She wrapped a message in an arrow before climbing to the uppermost bedroom window. Fixing the arrow against the bow she pulled back hard before releasing. Nothing. The arrow sprung from the bow but landed limply on the ground only a few feet away from the house.

Ruby tried again to reach the man on the moon, this time though with a paper plane. Disappointedly the plane only managed a single loop de loop before plummeting to earth, along with her hopes.

The man on the moon sat forlornly on his bench when suddenly from out of the corner of his eye he saw a bunch of balloons the colour of summer blooms approaching. Carried by the balloons was a box carefully wrapped in scarlet and silver paper. The gift gently touched down on the surface of the moon before rebounding gently into his waiting arms. Lifting the lid from the box the man saw a beautiful telescope staring back at him. Bringing the telescope up to his eye the man focussed his gaze on the world below. The man’s attention was drawn to a village draped in a blanket of snow and illuminated with blinking lights. He gazed past an enormous tree adorned with glistening ornaments and glowing fairy lights to the upstairs window of a terraced house. Staring back at him was a small bright eyed girl waving enthusiastically. A tear of joy came to his eye as he realised, through that one small act of kindness, that he was no longer alone.

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