Monday, 12 June 2017

Caine's Arcade Prediction

After reading "Caine's Cardboard Arcade May Be Closed But Its Legacy Lives On" from DOGO News the Justice League made a prediction about Caine's future.

Caine Monroy became famous when he was just 9 for building a cardboard arcade in his Dad’s auto shop. His adventures were filmed by documentary maker, Nirvan Mullick in 2011 and turned Caine and his arcade into a viral sensation. Caine’s arcade went on to inspire the Imagination Foundation, a foundation to find, foster and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids.

After the arcade closed Caine said he was ready to pursue his next dream of opening a bike shop. We are predicting whether Caine is likely to pursue his dream.  

Evidence suggests Caine could achieve his dream because his father, George owns a shop and Caine has some experience of watching his father. Caine has knowledge on running his own arcade and knows how to handle money. He might also run a bike shop because he is well known and that would help attract customers.

However other evidence suggests he may not pursue his dream in the future. This is because Caine was given a $230,000 USD scholarship for college which could lead Caine to choosing a bigger and better career.

Overall the most likely outcome we believe is that Caine will pursue a different dream in the future. We think this because he may have second thoughts and may set his sights higher than running a bike shop.  Caine will have more opportunities because of his fame and education at college.

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