Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Hand Pump Vs Play Pump

After reading 'Easy as Child's Play' the X-Men used a SOLO hot map to compare a hand pump to a play pump.

In New Zealand if we need water for washing, drinking, cooking and cleaning we just turn on a tap. However in some African villagers they need to go to a water pump to collect any water they may need. In some villagers there are hand pumps, diesel, electric or even play pumps. A play pump is a new invention that has harnessed the energy children generate from playing to collect and store fresh, clean water. Some villagers still use traditional hand pumps but which is better?

Traditional hand pumps can provide 150 litres of water per hour however the play pump can provide a huge 1400 litres per hour. This means the play pump is much more efficient at producing water.

Liam and Connor - Pump water from the ground upwards -
When you push down on a hand pump it compresses air into water making the water come up into a bucket at ground level. In contrast a play pump collects water from underneath the ground and pumps it all the way to a overhead storage tank. The play pump is a better option as it can store water that can be collected at any time rather than having to pump when you need it.

Movement - Sam and Arav
To operate a hand pump you need to push the lever up and down which is not very efficient. On the other hand to operate the play pump all you need to do is spin it around. Kids find it quite fun to play on the playpump and it is less work compared to the hand pump.

Installation Cost- Sativa and Angelika
The installation for hand pumps costs are very cheap as they don’t have very many moving parts or require any machinery but on the other hand the play pump installation costs three times more as much as a hand pump and therefore needs funding by advertising on the storage tanks.

Overall we think that the play pump is better than the hand pump because it is more efficient. It can be used as a roundabout for children to play on providing a fun activity as well as fresh water. Above all the play pump provides a lot more water which can be stored. Although playpump costs more play pumps are much better for the villagers. We recommend that more villages use the play pump as a way to collect and store water.

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