Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Meet the Blobfish

We discovered the most amazing creature this week, The Blobfish. The Watchmen writing group collaborated on a description of this weird and wonderful creature.

WALT - Use a range of poetic language features

Meet the World’s Ugliest animal, the Blobfish. This disgusting pink alien is not a piece of science fiction but can be found in the deep waters of Australia. The blobfish looks like a squishy exposed brain that is ready to be operated on. The slimy, gooey, jelly just sits in the water blobbing about. The ugly creature is more slimy slug than cute animal.

He is always
depressed because he’s seen a reflection of his ugly face in a mirror. Half his face is taken up with his peanut shaped nose. His mouth is the shape of a sad clown's makeup. His lips are the colour of raw meat displayed in a butcher’s window. From his mouth his saliva drips like a melting ice cream. His black button eyes stare at all the beautiful fish jealously. Although he is the ugliest animal world in the world we think he is awesome.

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