Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Powhiri for a Prince

After reading 'Powhiri for a Prince' by Ariana Tikao we evaluated the claim that 'royal visits are not important.

During the 1920s Prince Edward visited Rotorua and Lyttelton. The Maori people spent lots of time practising poi, haka and pukanas in preparation for his visit, they also spent money on new clothes and transportation. However was all this effort necessary, are royal visits important?

Reason 1 - Guardians of the Galaxy
A reason why many people believe that royal visits are not important is practising items for a visit may take away from more important issues. During the 1920 visit there was a breakout of the influenza. The Maori people had to take care of the influenza victims rather than practise poi, pukanas, a waiata and a haka.

Reason 2 - Avengers
A further reason that people believe royal visits are not important is because they take lots of time to prepare for and they are also very expensive. The Maori people during the 1920 visit spent lots on new clothes, such as dresses and to pay for transportation.

Reason 3 - X-Men
A reason why people may disagree and believe royal visits are important is that people are proud to meet royalty. Evidence shows that during the visit people’s faces lit up with pride.

Reason 4 - Justice League
Another reason why royal visits are important is that they can lift people’s spirits. During the visit the Maori people enjoyed the distraction from the previous few years, such as the war and the influenza outbreak. After such events it is good for communities to come together and share a common goal.

Conclusion - Justice League
In conclusion, we think that royal visits aren’t important because as stated above, people spend valuable time, money and effort to welcome royalty to their country. You need to spend money on new clothes and transport, and time on practicing your welcome.  Overall, 28 / 28 (100%) people in our class agree that royal visits are not important.

We believe our evaluation is extended abstract because we provided evidence, judged overall support for reasons and objections and made an overall evaluation of the claim

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