Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The King of Tonga Vs Queen Elizabeth

The Guardians of the Galaxy compared the birthday celebrations of the King of Tonga and Queen Elizabeth after reading 'The Kings Birthday" by Jill MacGregor.

If you are on holiday in Tonga during July you may see banners, marching bands and colourful balloons to celebrate the King’s birthday. How the king’s birthday is celebrated shares some similarities and differences with how Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is celebrated in England and New Zealand.

National Holiday - Tariq
Both the King and the Queen’s birthday are national holidays in July. The King’s birthday is a holiday because he rules the whole country and his birthday is on the fourth of July. The Queen's birthday is a holiday in England and New Zealand because she is a very famous queen. Her age is ninety and the holiday is on the 5th July.   

Processions - Sheena and Rayan
Both birthdays feature processions, in Tonga you would see marching bands and school children marching down the streets of Nuku'alofa. In England you would see lots of boats along the Thames River in London.

Foods - Boston and Suyash
Both birthdays can be celebrated with food. They would have lots of yummy food in Tonga.
There are lots of different kinds of food in Tonga such as roasted pig, coconut cream, fish, breadfruit, lu sipi in banana leaves. In England they serve small sandwiches, cake and tea. We think the food served during the Queen’s birthday celebrations is better because they serve healthier food.

Clothes - Jacky and Mizuki
Both birthdays can be celebrated with special clothes. If you go to Tonga you would see necklaces of leaves and ta’avola (waist mat). On the other hand in England you would see people wearing clothes adorned with the Union Jack and people wearing crowns and tiaras.

Overall we would prefer to celebrate a monarch’s birthday like they do in England because of the healthier food, we would prefer to see an interesting parade with lots of different boats and wear more comfortable clothes than they do in Tonga.
We believe our comparison is Multistructural because we listed several similarities and comparisons. To be relational or extended abstract we could give reasons why people celebrate the way they do e.g. why people wear necklaces of flowers and wear waist mats. We could also make a prediction about the celebrations in the future such as if the Queen has a 100th birthday celebration.

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