Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Mele Buys A Coconut

The Guardians of the Galaxy used a compare and contrast map to compare a market in Port Vila, Vanuatu and a market in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you find yourself thirsty in Port Vila, Vanuatu you may end up drinking directly from a fresh coconut at the market. Markets in Vanuatu have some similarities and differences to the markets we find in Auckland, New Zealand.

Firstly both markets sell fresh food to customers. In Port Vila there are chilli peppers, bananas, lemons and live crabs tied in bundles, to stop them pinching you. However in Auckland the food available to buy includes bread, dairy products such as cheese, chocolate and ice cream. The food in Vanuatu is grown there in the tropical climate, they don’t have the weather or space to raise cattle so they don’t have dairy products to sell. In New Zealand we have a large dairy       industry so we have an abundance of dairy products to sell.

Drinks - Tariq, Rayan and Suyash
In Vanuatu and Auckland markets drinks are available. In Vanuatu they sell coconut milk, taken fresh from coconuts by having the tops cut off with a knife. In contrast the drinks available in Auckland include coffee, tea, soft drinks, fresh fruit juice and smoothies. Some drinks in Auckland are prepared fresh like in Vanuatu however there are more hot drinks available because of the difference in weather.

Languages - Sheena,Wania
The languages you would hear in Vanuatu markets would be French, English and Bislama.  However in New Zealand the languages you may hear at a market would be English, Te reo, Chinese, Samoan or Hindi. We would find it easier to buy food in Auckland because of the larger variety of languages spoken by the vendors and customers.

Food and Drink prepared - Boston, Jacky and Mizuki
Visiting markets in Vanuatu and Auckland you would see food prepared for purchasing, In Vanuatu there are many foods like crabs, chilli peppers, lemon, bananas and coconuts just as they are ready for taking home. In Auckland lots of the food is in packaging such as cans, bottles, plastic trays and containers. Lots of the food available from Auckland markets are kept in refrigerators too to keep them cold and safe to eat.

Overall we would prefer to buy our food and drinks from an Auckland market because there is a greater variety and the food is safer to eat due to it being stored at the correct temperature.  To improve the market in Port Vila we suggest they use shelter to keep the food cooler, use stalls and tables to keep the food off the floor and import some produce from New Zealand such as our cheese and chocolate.

We believe our comparison is extended abstract because we made several comparisons, we made an overall statement and we looked at the information in a different way thinking about how we could improve the market in Port Vila.

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