Monday, 1 May 2017

Can Kids Be Inventors, Too?

After reading an article on Wonderopolis called 'Can kids be inventors, too?' we used a describe map to describe the attributes and characteristics of a child inventor.
Have you ever wondered who is responsible for inventing such things as the kiddie stool, pocket diaper and flippers? Would you be surprised to know the inventors were children?

The characteristics needed to be a successful child inventor include being imaginative, Imagination is important because you have to look at things in new and unique ways. For example Chelsea Lannon looked at a nappy and imagined adding a pocket to hold baby wipes and powder. Chelsea received a patent for this invention when she was just 8.

Another attribute needed by inventors is taking risks. Taking risks is important because you need to believe in yourself, risk making mistakes and share your ideas without being scared.

All inventors need a purpose. A purpose is the reason behind inventing. Before you invent a product you need to think about the purpose. For example the purpose behind Louis Braille inventing a new system for reading was to help blind people to read.

Inventors also need creativity and perseverance. Lots of inventors “think outside the box” to make new and unique inventions. Their creativity helps them see possibilities that others don’t. Perseverance is also important because your invention may not work the first time. Inventors build prototypes to test their inventions before they are manufactured on a large scale. However this process can often take a long time to work out any problems. If inventors gave up we may not have such incredible inventions as the car, camera, mobile phone and the fridge.

So if you want to be a successful inventor remember you don’t need to a an adult, scientist or a genius you need curiosity, imagination, take risks, purpose, creativity and perseverance. Could you be the next great child inventor?

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