Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Job Application

The Guardian's of the Galaxy read an article called 'Phil's Machines' they then used the information in the text to write an application to work with Phil.

19 School Road

Phil Saunders Contracting
57 Kings Road

11th May 2017

Dear Mr Saunders,

We are applying for roles within your contracting company.

We have experience with demolition. We have broken glass plates, wood, vases and cups using our hands. However we believe given the right machines such as a ripper, tree grab, chainsaw, rock breaker, root rake and a bucket we could break rocks, trees, concrete walls and roots.

We also have experience driving machinery. We have driven go-karts, bumper cars, scooters and bicycles. We were able to drift, reverse, change direction, speed and avoid crashes. We could transfer these skills to larger machines such as diggers, bulldozers, motor scrapers and trucks.

We understand that we will need to be able to keep safe whilst working for your company. We have kept safe by wearing a helmet while riding our bikes, wearing seat belts when in moving vehicles, being in a car seat and wearing a high visibility coat during road patrols.

We also have a love for driving machines and smashing things. We believe we would be excellent employees for your company as we can work together well.

We look forward to your reply

Yours sincerely

The Guardians of the Galaxy

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