Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Monster Trucks Vs Formula One Cars

The Guardians of the Galaxy compared Monster Trucks and Formula One drivers after reading "Battle of the Monster Trucks" by John Medcalf.

“Vroom, vroom, crash, bang” You may hear these sounds at a certain type of car race - A monster truck race. Monster trucks are enormous, powerful vehicles that smash and crash into cars. Another famous car race is Formula One, these cars are sleek, low and fast. These two cars have many similarities and differences.

Entering the Vehicle
Both the monster truck and Formula One drivers enter their vehicles before the race. However they do it very differently. For instance the monster truck driver has to climb a ladder or use steps to enter because the trucks are tall and quite far off the ground. Whereas the Formula One driver has to step in his vehicle because the cars are very low to the ground.

Powerful Vehicles - Boston and Mizuki
Another similarity between Formula One drivers and monster truck drivers is that they both drive very powerful vehicles. For example monster trucks are 10 times more powerful than normal cars so they can jump over cars and break them and smash them. In contrast a Formula One car is powerful so it can travel speeds of up to 250 miles per hour.

Compete Globally - Rayan and Tariq
Formula One and monster truck drivers both compete against vehicles in different places. Monster trucks compete in North America and New Zealand where as Formula One competes in lots of different places such as China, Japan and Australia.

Compete against other vehicles - Suyash and Jacky
A similarity shared between Formula One drivers and monster truck drivers is they both compete against other vehicles. Monster truck drivers race against one other vehicle because they need space to perform their tricks and because they are so huge. However the Formula One drivers compete against 24 other drivers because it is more exciting to watch fast cars overtaking each other.

Both drivers race on tracks - Sheena
Both the monster truck driver and Formula One driver race on specially designed tracks. Monster truck tracks are muddy, rough, bumpy and dirty so they can crash into cars and do tricks. Instead the Formula One track is long and smooth so cars can get up to high speeds.

Overall most of us would prefer to drive a monster truck because Formula One cars travel so fast that if you have a crash you could get seriously injured, it looks fun to crush and smash cars and if looks very claustrophobic to be squashed inside a Formula One cockpit.
We believe that our comparison is extended abstract because we have several similarities and differences and we looked at the information in a different way by imagining which vehicle we would prefer to drive.

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  1. Good Job Guardians of the Galaxy, I liked the way you used interesting adjectives and onomatopoeia to describe the Monster Trucks and Formula 1 cars. I wonder if next time you could make one person of that group to one piece of writing instead of being in pairs.Well done!