Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Should HDS have a cafeteria?

Here is Boston's argument - Halsey Drive should have a cafeteria.

Halsey drive school should have a cafeteria

We believe that Halsey Drive School should have a cafeteria. We used to be able to order sushi and subway. It was tastier and cheaper and saved time. Sandwiches, muffins, and leftover pizza are our only options now. If we had a cafeteria we could be responsible for buying our own food, and have hot food on cold days.

There are lots of school in New Zealand that have cafeterias such as BBI, Glen Eden, St Peters and Lynfield college. While the other schools that have cafeterias are intermediate and colleges that doesn't mean that we can’t have our own. In the future most of us will be going to these schools and it would be good to have a cafeteria now so we can learn the responsibility of carrying our own money and making good food choices.

Everyday I have sandwiches, it’s so boring. Many people in my class feel the same about the contents of their lunchboxes. If we were to have a cafeteria boring lunches would be a thing of the past. We would have options such as muffins, pepperoni pizza and hot chocolate with marshmallows.The cafeteria could also provide healthy options such as protein bars, salad and fresh fruit to ensure we have a nicely balanced diet.

You may think that setting up a cafeteria will cost the school lots of money. However we have lots of suggestions on how to solve this problem. Firstly we could fundraise by having movies, selling ice blocks or having a disco. Another idea is we could have a sponsor from a local business, who could pay to advertise at the cafe for example Mitre 10 or The Warehouse.

As I have demonstrated there are numerous reasons to have a cafeteria such as having exciting lunch options, teaching us responsibility and saving time for our parents. I would be very grateful for your consideration on this matter and look forward to your reply.

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  1. A very well structured argument with several good points....who would run it?