Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Should HDS have a common room?

Here is Tvisha's argument - Halsey Drive should have a common room?

HDS Should Have A Common Room

Halsey Drive School students should be able to have a place to relax and rest. If the teachers have a staffroom why should the students not have one? In my opinion I believe the students should have a common room. A common room is a room in a school which children use for relaxing and having fun outside teaching hours. A common room has couches which students use to relax, it sometimes has indoor games like ping pong, table tennis, big puzzles and more. Sometimes they also have television sets ( TV ), a library and even an art corner. The common room should only be used by the Year Fives and Sixes. A common room can also be used for a reward room for students when they have done something super.

Lots of schools in New Zealand have common rooms like Knighton Normal School, Diocesan School and The University of Otago. Having a common room will be a great opportunity for the Year Fives and Sixes to show that we are responsible. However you might argue that we might not be responsible but we already show that we can be sensible by the Year Fives doing dishes alone in the staffroom and the Year Sixes doing road patrols.

Exactly 24 out of 28 children in our class have been told off for  staying in the class when it was a cold day during break times. In my personal experience I have been eating my lunch outside and shivering when it was not a wet day. It has also been like this when it is a super hot day, children need somewhere to cool down. This problem would be solved if we had a common room.

A common room would take up a lot of money and space but the problem could be solved if the children did fundraising to raise money for the common room. We could also have a second-hand sale. We don’t necessarily need to buy new items we could buy second-hand. People could donate money or furniture to the school to help us.

As I have demonstrated there are numerous reasons why we should have a common room such as having a place to relax, hang out with your friends and have fun. I implore you to take our suggestions on board and I would be happy to discuss this further with you. I will look forward to your response.

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  1. Well done. I especially liked that you defined what a common room was for those that didn't know. I'm not sure how successful this idea will be as we struggle to have enough classes at the end of the year - let alone a common room. Also, if you have all these "perks" in primary school - will will be left to look forward to in high school?