Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Should students be able to pick their own teachers?

Here is Nikhil's argument - We should be able to pick our own classes and teachers

We should be able to pick our own classes and teachers

At the end of the year the teachers organise us into which classes we have to go into. In my opinion I believe we should be able to pick our own classes and teachers because we are responsible enough to pick our own class and teacher.

You may believe that we're not responsible enough to choose our own classroom, but we are. We show our responsibility by bringing our own Chromebooks to school and we take responsibility with our own devices.  Another example of how responsible we can be is shown in how we do road patrol, dishes and be school councillors.

Since year one I haven’t been with my friends and I haven’t had anyone to talk to. Twenty five people in the classroom say we should pick our own classes and teachers. In my opinion if we get into a class and you don’t like the teacher, for example if a teacher caught you talking they may shout super loud, however if you had a choice you could move to a classroom with a teacher who wouldn’t shout so loud. Also if you didn’t finish your work you will have to stay and do it at lunch time when everyone is gone.

Furthermore if we pick our own classes and teachers we will be happy and excited. For example sometimes being put into a class is like going to a new school and you have no friends and feel lonely. You may think we shouldn’t  pick our own classes because it may affect our learning. We can fix this by not talking to our mates all the time. Sometimes we would sit with our friends so we can help each other in our work. It would also be a good idea to pick our own classes and teachers because then you have more company and your friends will support you.

As you can see from the reasons above we should be able to pick our own classes and teachers. I implore you to take our suggestions on board and would be happy to discuss this further with you.


  1. Hi Nikhil - a well thought out and well planned argument. However, I would counter that this system could cause issues if there were extremely popular teachers at school who all students wanted as a teacher. Alternatively there may be a teacher who is excellent but strict and students may not opt to go in their class. This would eventuate in some classes of 60+ students and some with less than 10. Eg not many children like Mr Bainbrindge and may not want him as a teacher. He would be very sad with no students....

  2. I think this piece of writing is very persuasive Nikhil. Great Job!