Thursday, 11 May 2017

Room 3 Needs a Teacher!

We wrote adverts for a new teacher in Room 3! Do you know anyone who could fill this position?

Here is Shreyas' advert

Due to absence we are seeking a new teacher for two weeks at the beginning of Term 3.  Room 3 is a classroom with 29 quiet, hard working students who have achieved the impossible.  We want an intelligent, high achieving, fun teacher that enjoys using devices and doing experiments.  We would prefer a teacher that has a degree in gaming and has respect for students.  Experience of teaching is not required.

Applications close May 20th.  Please apply and send a C.V to Room 3, Halsey Drive School, Lynfield, Auckland.

Here is Kristy's advert

Due to absence we are seeking a new teacher for Room 3 to teach at the beginning of term 3. We are a Year 5 and 6 class of 29 pupils. The children in Room 3 are very considerate, kind and have very good grades. This position would suit someone who is young and energetic. The successful applicant must be an expert in organising students and having fun. You will also need to be able to leave children alone while working. You must have a positive attitude at all times, and support us even when we are not doing too well.
Applications close at the end of Term 2. Please apply for this job and send in your C.V to Room 3, Halsey Drive, Lynfield, Auckland. Must have a Bachelor in Education.


  1. Excellent Job Kristy and Shreyas! These adverts personally convinced me as I saw great detail and effort. I also like how it informed the audience as you were also directing it at adults. Something you could work on is probably start your adverts differently. I would love to hear more great adverts like these sometime soon!

  2. Amazing job Kristy and Shreyas . Those pieces of writing was very descriptive and humorous. I enjoyed reading your work!Good job.

  3. Tino pai Kristy and Shreyas!
    I liked the way you wrote where the applicants have to send their C.V's to and how they must have a Bachelor in gaming or education.

  4. Ha Ha!!!! Great Job Kristy and Shreyas. I was totally convinced you needed a new teacher. I love how descriptive yet humorous your adverts are. Maybe next time try and use different sentence starters. I would love to hear more adverts soon. You guys are natural salesman. Maybe you should think about marketing. Ka Pai!!!!!