Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Should we be able to bring phones to school?

Here is Angelika's argument - Do you agree with her opinion?

HDS students should be able to bring phones to school

Here at Halsey Drive teachers can bring phones to school and the students cannot. We are encouraged to buy devices and bring them to school. Being allowed to bring cell phones would be better than buying Chromebooks because most students have a phone. I believe that all students should be allowed to bring phones to school. 23 out of 28 pupils in Room 3 would like to bring phones to Halsey Drive.

Many parents worry about what their kids are doing at school. A phone could help the kids text their parents so the parents know what’s happening. You may argue against bringing phones because you may believe that parents will call during class time which may create distraction, but I have a solution to that. The students can text their parents and tell them their timetable so the parents don’t call them during class.

Only about 15% of pupils in our class have Chromebooks.   Most  pupils can’t afford a Chromebook because they are too expensive. For example a child in Room 3 can’t afford a Chromebook however she has her own phone. In her opinion it is unfair to be asked to buy a Chromebook when she has a perfectly good device available.

Here in Room 3 we use devices a lot. Some Parents are trying their best to save up money for a Chromebook. Parents have to pay at least  $300 or more for a Chromebook but having  a phone means parent’s don’t have to spend more money. If pupils use an Iphone they can go on educational apps the same as an Ipad.

As I have demonstrated there are numerous reasons why we should be allowed to bring a phone to school such as playing on educational apps and being able to call our parents if we forgot something. I would be very grateful for your consideration on this matter and look forward to your reply.

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  1. Very convincing in places - lots of facts and figures. I would argue that an iphone actually costs more than a chromebook. Maybe students could sell their iphones and use the money to purchase a chromebook....